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1. Survey of Local Comprehensive Plans and  Land Use Codes, and their Implications for the Location of Renewable Energy Production Facilities and  New Energy Infrastructure.
- Coordinator: Jim Rosi and J.B. Ruhl, College of Law

2. Promoting Energy Sustainability through Land Use, Transportation, and Green Infrastructure.
- Coordinator: Chapin, Urban Planning

3. Marketing Strategies to Incentivize Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Development of Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Goods and Services.
- Coordinator: Joe Cronin, Marketing 

4. Survey of Energy Sustainable Practices in Florida Communities and their Diffusion Networks.
- Coordinator: Richard Feiock, Public Administration

5. Political and Economic Institutions Regarding Siting of Energy Facilities: “Hold-out” and “NIMBY” Problems. 
- Coordinator: Mark  Isaac, Economics

6. Reducing Residential Carbon Emission in Florida: Optional Scenarios Based on Energy Consumption, Transportation, and Land Use.
- Coordinator: Tingting  Zhao, Geography

7. An Experimental Investigation of Economic Incentives of Policies, Institutions and R&D in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Renewable Energy
- Coordinator: Svetlana Pevnitskaya, Economics

Outreach and Service Research

1.Energy and Efficiency Video Public Service Announcements
- Coordinator: Andy Opel, Department of Communications

2. Development of a Renewable Energy Research Web Portal
- Coordinator: Charles McClure, Information Use Management and Policy Institute

3. Academic Symposia for Research Projects
- Coordinators:  Richard Feiock, Keith Ihlanfeldt, Tim Chapin, Jim Rossi, and J.B. Ruhl

4. Reports for Distribution to Legislature and/or Local Government


- Student Involvement in the Research Projects

- Faculty and Doctoral Student Exchange with Philippines

- Law Seminar on Land Use and Renewable Energy Production

- Askew School/Urban Planning Seminar on Local Sustainable Energy Development in Florida and Korea

- Economics Course on Energy Facility Siting Decisions







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